大众汽车自动变速器(系统体育 365_365体育官网开户_365体育论坛网址大全)有限公司
在招职位: quality laboratory engineer, 运维工程师it application operation officer, hr training officer, it infrastructure facility officer it基础设施工程师, ingenieur im bereich r?derfertigung (m/w) 规划工程师, ingenieur im bereich wellenfertigung (m/w) 规划工程师, machining engineer 机械工程师, ingenieur im bereich montage/schrauben/fügetechnik 规划工程师, prozessauditor 质量工程师_过程审计, prfüstandsingenieur, quality engineer (fluid) 质保工程师(油品), engineer assembly 装配工程师, engineer in planning 规划工程师, supplier quality engineer 质保工程师, mechatronics analysis engineer 质保工程师(机电分析), 等15个岗位
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volkswagen automatic transmission (dalian) co., ltd. (vwatd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the volkswagen group in china. we are located in the development area of the northeastern coastal city dalian. our main product is the 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission dsg dq200, which combines the advantages of manual and automatic shifting and therefore bundles cost-effectiveness, performance, comfort and driving pleasure on the highest technology standard.
in april 2014 vwatd proudly celebrated the production of the 2 millionth transmission. today our 2500 employees are already producing more than 900.000 transmissions per year.
to continue our success in the future, it is not only enough to be a leader in terms of quality and technology. equally important for us are the well-being and the development of our employees. therefore vwatd was repeatedly awarded with the "dalian top employer award".
are you looking for a new challenge as well as further personal and professional development chances?
then take this opportunity to continue writing the success story with us.
we are looking forward to meeting you!
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